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PAVLICA statika stavieb is a design office for structural analysis of construction. We offer to you:

  • Structural analysis of constructions.
  • Construction plans of supporting constructions.
  • Supporting construction investigation.

By development of low-cost supporting constructions we are using many experiences with design of reinforced concrete plates, retaining walls, lattice masts and chimneystacks, reinforced concrete basins.

We can elaborate the design and analysis of constructions in a short time due to use of computers and the latest software. In addition to commercial software we are using own software too.

After more that eighteen years of experience, our bests references are hundreds of constructions realized according to our construction plans. Examples from some of them can be seen in REFERENCES.

For the information about the location of our office in Poprad and actual telephone numbers, please see CONTACTS.

PAVLICA statika stavieb

updated: 22.03.2010
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